Madison Trenholm and Noreen Cardinale are good friends who live in Rancho Murieta, a beautiful community that lies southeast of Sacramento. Rancho Murieta is a small community, and the nearest town to go shopping—or get a yogurt and frozen dessert treats—is 30 miles away.

One hot summer day, Madison and Noreen were lamenting a yogurt sounded really good, but it was so far away to get one, and why don’t they have one here? Noreen said, “We should open our own Yogurt and Frozen Dessert Shop.”  Madison laughed, but Noreen was serious. Of course, whimsical ideas born out of desire take longer to develop than well thought out dreams…

A year later (on another hot summer day) Madison and Noreen lamented again they wished Rancho Murieta had a yogurt shop.



This time, they got into Noreen’s car and drove down to the little plaza and searched for an empty place to lease. There were two empty rentals! Noreen decided to go boldly where she had never gone before and called the owner. To her surprise, he was very interested and showed them the two places.

Details, details, details… You need capital…you need a place with enough electrical power to run the machines…you need desire! One out of three ain’t bad, as the saying goes…Madison and Noreen had desire, Madison gets details, so they pulled their resources and went to work creating the best Frozen Dessert shop in all of Sacramento County.

Buona Vita Yogurt was born out of the love for the best Yogurt, the best Gelato, and the best frozen cakes and pies. Buona Vita is Italian for “good life,” and Madison and Noreen offer you a taste of the good life.



Noreen Cardinale


Favorite Flavor(s): Chocolate and vanilla
Favorite Topping(s): Not really a toppings person, but nuts every so often. "I really love frozen yogurt…it got me through college!”


After working for PG&E for 33 years, Noreen retired but wanted to stay busy, doing something she really loved.  She felt yogurt was missing from the area, and owning a yogurt shop has been a lifelong dream. Noreen brings her love of yogurt to the shop, with the desire to make Buona Vita the best in the West!

Madison Trenholm


Favorite Flavor(s): All of them!
Favorite Topping(s): Cookie dough and brownie bites.


A self-proclaimed lifelong chocoholic, Madison has always wanted to own her own yogurt and dessert shop. She felt it was kismet when she and Noreen decided to open the shop; it all “just came together!” Madison says the greatest thing about owning the shop is seeing peoples’ faces light up when they taste how pure and true to form the flavors are. “From the littlest to the oldest, the smiles on their faces just light up my heart.”.

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7281 Lone Pine Dr. Ste D104
Rancho Murieta, CA 
(916) 753-6982


11:00am- 9:00pm

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